Case Study:

Sunshine Coast Isuzu

The Business:

Sunshine Coast Isuzu is the Isuzu dealer in the Sunshine Coast, located in Kunda Park. They offer an in-house customer care center, with customers having access to a wide range of services in-store. 

The Problem:

With a recent change in management, this prompted the need for updated marketing materials to align with the transition.

Our Solution:

MAPS Agency played a crucial role in assisting Sunshine Coast Isuzu by orchestrating a comprehensive campaign. This initiative began with the development of updated television and radio content and culminated in the strategic purchase of advertising placements in two distinct markets across these channels.

The Results:

Despite the campaign being in it’s early stages, the content has already garnered a positive reception. Sunshine Coast Isuzu has experienced a surge in incoming calls and inquiries. Moreover, the use of iconic local landmarks in the marketing materials has led to increased brand recognition among the local community.

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