Benefits and Advantages of TV Advertising

Planning an Ad Campaign or thinking about using TV?

If you are a business or brand that is looking to advertise on Television in Australia, then you have come to the right place!

Within this post I will explore both the benefits and advantages of Television Advertising, how MAPS Agency plan and buy media and finally, the question on every clients lips, what impact has BVOD (Broadcast Video on Demand) had on Australian viewing behaviours.

I will endeavour to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that we regularly get asked by many of our clients and potential television advertisers.  Should you have any questions regarding marketing your business on TV, Radio or within the Digital World then be sure to get in touch and we will discuss what marketing channels are right for your business or brand.

Topics that I will discuss include:

  1. Australia TV Stats and Facts
  2. TV Advertising is affordable to all
  3. What is BVOD?
  4. Why Advertise on TV?
  5. Brand Perception
  6. Importance of TV Advertising

Australia TV Advertising Stats and Facts:

Though online streaming services and video platforms, from Netflix to YouTube, are grabbing more and more eyeballs by the day, it is a common misconception to think that TV advertising is a dying Marketing Medium.  Television still accounts for 64% of the average Australian resident’s media consumption and a new study, conducted by Google, has also found that Australians are watching twice as many ads than they realise!  According to the study, on average, an Australian viewer will see 41 TV adverts on any one given day.  As such, Television advertising still prevails, and is still deemed the most effective kind of video marketing around to date!

In this next part I will explore the many benefits of TV advertising in Australia, and how it truly is something that businesses of all shapes and sizes can affordably tap into.

TV Advertising is affordable to businesses of all sizes
Contrary to popular belief, TV advertising is not just for big brand players! When you think of the advantages of TV advertising, most people assume that only the biggest brands with the biggest budgets are able to access the full ‘mass-media reach’ that TV advertising has on offer. There is no denying that the bigger your budget and the bigger your audience, the more you are likely to see in return. However, that does not mean that with the assistance from a Media and Marketing Agency like MAPS Agency, small and mid-sized businesses cannot benefit and reap their own share of the rewards, too.    

Thinking about advertising on television? We can help your business to get onto TV, regional campaigns, and digital only campaigns. Contact us here > >

What is BVOD? 

It has been almost a decade since the TV industry first entered into the world of streaming content. Ten years on and it comes as no surprise that it still stands the test of time! There was one undeniable fact that stands out – the incredible growth of Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD).  During the first half of 2019, BVOD recorded more than 20 billion streaming minutes (Live + VOD), up 52% year on year.  It takes a highly experienced team, like the one here at MAPS Agency with industry-leading knowledge and tools to produce integrated TV campaigns across mainstream TV and BVOD that delivers results.  With the right guidance TV campaign do deliver, and clients can enjoy a steady stream of calls and sales as return on their investment.  

Why Advertise on TV? 

When it comes to establishing a sense of legitimacy and trust to your brand, TV does it better than any other marketing platform.  TV advertising delivers a huge business advantage.  It can drive market share; people trust TV and it provides scale and reach.  It also provides clients the ability to buy the exact amount of ratings (numbers of viewers) you need within your target audience’s demographic – it really is that strategic!  Simply put, no other kind of media allows you to reach as many people with a single advertisement in one hit.  TV Advertising is incredible at reaching large audiences with frequency, quickly.   In Australia, TV advertising can reach as many as 70% of the population in a single day – true fact!

Another of the great advantages to TV advertising, especially when compared to other video marketing platforms, is that TV still regularly sees some of the highest engagement rates available. When looking at website data for companies using TV advertising, Television advertising often contributes to more than 35% of all visits to the total number of all visitors. Furthermore, global studies have shown a 60% likelihood of buying a product when influenced by TV ads, compared to a 40% likelihood for online and social media advertising.  That is because TV advertising still has the air of prestige and quality that online marketing platforms have not quite got to, yet. This is in part due to the impression that anyone can advertise on the internet, while the TV is considerably more exclusive which is, to some degree, true.

You would be foolish however, to think that TV needs to be compared directly against or in even in competition with, any online forms of marketing.  The MAPS Agency team all well versed and recognise the power of taking a multi-channel, integrated marketing approach across the same campaign.  This ‘tried and tested’ integrated marketing approach can further stimulate brand recognition with your audience and inevitably generate growth.  We also advise underpinning a client TV campaign with digital video platforms, the viral nature of the internet makes it easy for an ad to get shared and seen thousands, if not millions, of times.  Using a TV commercial on video platforms is always great strategy to extend the reach of your TV campaign and get even more value out of your creative.

Still not convinced on the Importance of TV advertising?
Now, more than ever, your business can take advantage of a TV appearance and start to use this medium to promote your products and services using this most powerful channel.

At MAPS Agency, we can help your business navigate the entire process, from creating the concept and shooting the ad, to getting it in the right media channels, for the best chances of success.  

Get in touch today, if you want your brand to become a TV super star, drive sales and grow your business with effective TV advertising.

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